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Quick Fire Interview w/ Sky and NOW TV's

TEMPLE 2 Detective Rob Maloney

Played by Core Attack Member @ryanmcken

Benji: Favourite day to workout? Ryan: 'I'd say preferably a Monday.' Benji: Favourite type of workout? Ryan: 'Probably something with a mix of cardio and moderate weight training.' Benji: The average person finds it difficult to remember the last password they created 😂 so how do you keep your mind sharp enough to remember pages and pages of script? Ryan: 'I guess to keep my memory sharp I try to eat a balanced diet and drinking quite a bit of water helps to be honest. Seems very basic but really protecting my sleep time where possible to make sure I get enough rest is really key especially when filming as shooting days can be very long hours and you need to be able to deliver a strong performance again and again so stamina is really important.' Benji: You've been involved in some huge productions that have gone on filming for a long time with more than one season, ITV's 'Bancroft', Sky One's 'Save ME', Channel 4's 'The State' , It must be difficult with your schedule to still stay in shape. How do you find time for fitness and what advice would you give people with a busy schedule who want to introduce fitness into their lifestyle? Ryan: 'If you have a busy schedule I’d try to be realistic with workouts aim for short but concise sessions. Have a plan of action that you can stick to that doesn’t burn you out, but allows you to maintain a steady level that’s consistent. I think consistency is key and can be applied to any goal or activity you set out to achieve not just fitness to be honest.' Image courtesy of ITV Studios 'Zomboat'

Benji: Favourite thing about the Core Attack Fitness Club. Ryan: 'Training with the support of you in general really. Being held accountable when training for the different physical shape my roles have required is the key. The most enjoyable was probably training for ITV2's Zomboat. Training to look like a stereo typical old school personal trainer with more muscle than brains was probably the most gruelling but surprisingly fun experience training with you so far.'

The explosive Temple Season 2 is available NOW on Sky and NOW TV


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