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Beauty might be the answer

Despite the fact that there’s no place for jewellery or heavy make up at our club 😏

(we do proper workouts 😎),

what I’m about to say might come as a surprise but is defo some advice you need to pass on to anyone you know who only likes to be told what they want to hear 😂

Whenever you hit a little bump in the road, one step you should take is to step up your beauty regime. Make time for it.

If I invited you to a night out, a wedding, a party. You’d plan your hair, beard cut (men and women 👀😂) outfit, fake tan …. The works!

You always prepare really well for this type of event and usually arrive at that point feeling better about yourself than you do most days in life… flip it on its head!

Whilst I don’t want a bunch of clowns in-front of me whilst I teach 😂 whenever you feel a little… urghhh 🥴 get yourself a hair cut booked, get some fake tan on, do your hair a little different… SHAVE YOUR LEGS 😂

Honestly all jokes aside making a little bit of time to do some of the things which seem less important can actually be the key to you feeling better about yourself and everything you do, family, work and workouts alike!

Next time you feel a little flat give it a try.

Take a little less tv time, Facebook, laptop time and put in a little bit more grooming time and see the result!


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