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You’ve Won Huge Prizes!

If you woke up to a message that said...

You’ve won a competition (and you genuinely had), were unsure how long you had to claim your prizes, but knew you didn’t have forever...would you redeem them straight away or leave it for another day?

Well if you’re reading this you WON!

Here’s a list of prizes...

•Life - this includes a heart beat, oxygen,

•A functioning mind and brain - may include a few wobbly moments and some anxiety from time to time but it’s fully functioning

•The ability to do something for someone else

•The ability to move, however big or small, you have the ability to move.

•Another moment to have the best day of your life so far

Claim you prizes and do something amazing with them we never know when our gifts might expire. Be healthy, love and smile (at those you can manage to😂).

Every day is a gift 💚


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