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You did a good thing 🥰

You did it again. Mini Bootcamp Week is creeping closer and tickets are selling fast!

This time around Core KO takes centre stage 🔥 The money you contributed to this session has gone to a massively worthy cause. As some of you will know my father earlier this month was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's highly likely that this is something I will face in my future too and so you can obviously see why I feel compelled to do a little bit however small where we possibly can! First we rode to raise money, this time we deliver a KO to support the great charity word done by Prostate Cancer UK


Want to do more?

The annual Core Attack Fitness Club Bootcamp is weeks away 🤩🥳 and we're going to use this as an opportunity to do more and give something! Stay tuned, grab your ticket. Let's Spin to Save Lives 🦾


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