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You can’t pour from an empty cup 🫗

Not sure about anyone else but when I'm honest with myself it's not very often I'm able to hear something and think... no that doesn't relate to me at all.

When I occasionally come across people that find it difficult to extract a relatable message it seems like comprehension might be the bigger issue.

This is one however that applies to everyone whether they recognise it or not...

Everyone is reading this from a mobile so I know you have one to make this is relatable straight away...

At some point your mobile is going to run out of battery and need charging.

Once charged you're going to have a battery life expectancy in your mind based on... well what apple says (for most of you). 😂

But I'd be interested to know when you charge your phone and when you THINK 'I need to put it on charge'.

People do it different ways... for example...

I routinely put my phone on charge every single night... even though it doesn't need it. (If you know anything about technology - I can tell you that you're advised against this to prolong the life of your battery).

So why do you do it?

I do it because of course my business (not Facebook 😏) relies on me having a charged laptop and phone all of the time. So whilst I could potentially improve the battery life by charging it only when it needs it, the risk of having it die on me is a greater problem which I need to avoid...( I can also simply get a new one if it does die as a result).

But with the body and the mind 🤯we can't simply go out and buy a new one to replace the f##ked one.

So our charging routine, what we do to function as close to 🔋 is more important than the one we have for our little mobile device.

The challenge is... how does our charging routine for our mobile compare with the one for our body and mind?

Would you knowingly leave the house without a charged phone?

Would you leave the house in a bad mood without reframing some thoughts?

Would you not charge your phone for 6 months?

Would you not work out for 6 months?

Would you skip a day charging your phone?

Would you skip a workout?

Would you risk not paying your phone bill so it didn't work to save a bit of money?

Would you cancel a gym membership or healthy food subscription to save a bit of money?

Making sure our life and mobile charging routine are getting the best out of both of those things is the only sensible thing to do if you have the time to really consider it and be honest with yourself and the final part of that jigsaw is understanding when you need help.

Most people view help as a weakeness, 'I've failed at this therefore I need help'... this can extend into a more detrimental trait that has people determined to do something they require help with, without said help in a bid to try and prove some external point.

But the reality is...not getting, asking for, or even giving to others the right support, at the right time is harmful to us.

Making sure before we or anyone around you hits empty that there are

Some plans, a routine. Some safeguards in place to help you charge up again is the best possible shot we can shoot!

Match your life routine with your charging your mobile one if not better! 🔋🔌


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