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Why use steroids???

Steroids, usually also known as PEDS (performance enhancing drugs) are far more widely used than you think. In most gyms you step into, a large percentage of people who 'body build' will likely have taken or currently take performance enhancing drugs to get a better physique.

The reality is this...

To build an outstanding physique it takes... SACRIFICE and years of consistency.

I'm quite fortunate that from the age of 5 my parents threw me into a martial art which has traditional built some of the greatest physiques we've ever seen.

That gives me 20+ years head start and experience on people who recently discovered over the last decade or so that it's important to be in good physical shape for a multitude of reasons.

It's also coincided with the emergence of gyms everywhere. Whereas previously if you wanted to gain an outstanding physique you would likely have to go to a class - be it martial arts or aerobics where you would have to be instructed by someone else... (something some men do struggle with when it comes to fitness as most like to think... I know best).

Now we have budget gym spaces where you can go by yourself or with a mate and not actually have the help of the professionals from that environment ( I often talk about it as being a bit like going to the drs and only sitting in the waiting room and googling your symptoms) but nevertheless you can do this now and so this opens up a space to improve your body a bit (winging it) and then look for ways to make it even better when it doesn't quite go the way you planned which sadly for some people either lacking full knowledge or with a desire for quicker and better results wind up taking things we ultimately know are terrible for us.

In some cases if those people just had the help of a professional they would be told of the dangers and supported in achieving their goals (albeit over a longer period of time) in a healthier way.

Fortunately thanks to people like Connor McGregor whether you like him or not

(Boasting millions of $ 😂) and the recent growing popularity of things the rather barbaric UFC 😅 showcasing mixed martial arts (mma). It's become cool now to do things like mma, karate and boxing. Whereas previously Karate kid was the only reference and so you often had to hit someone mid... 'hiiiiya' to stop them taking the piss and show them how powerful a dedicated Karateka or Boxer actually was 😅 . You can now... be a bit of a nutter and learn quite quickly to do something like mma as long as you pay whereas previously it would take years to progress in sports like boxing and karate not matter how much you pay because there were more traditional milestones which were ensured before progressing and for no prize money when you did reach the top I can tell you😅😫!

It depends on your perspective but I think anything that gets people wanting to improve themselves physically is a good thing as long as it's done safely and not to the detriment of others.

Sadly though, even the millions being made from fighting sports now can't stop the desire to get a better 'looking' not neccesrily functioning physique super quick and in some way seeing the likes of Mcgreggor and Anthony Joshua who have trained for more than 20 years has accelerated it even more. After all, someone who looks like Anthony Joshua but can't punch like him or doesn't have the gold medals and belts he does, is still going to get the same respect and adoration when he or she walks into Tesco express in a tank top. So why would you invest in having the actual healthy body first...

Well for those reading this who can help someone, a family member, a friend or someone close, the problem simply is this. A great physique will come with injury, fatigue, lots of money spent on it, but will give you a healthy heart, longer life, stronger joints, muscles and a better mental state into your old age. However the use of growth hormones means you will enlarge... everything! People often talk about not eating from KFC because they inject the chicken with water... so... just think about it.

Coming down from steroids can be terrible for people too. Not to mention that they are not a drug you can legally get for body building purposes which often means you have to go to the back of a gym to get an injection into your a## cheek by an unqualified person. The enlarging of muscles might seem pretty harmless but when you recognise your heart as one of those things being enlarged you realise it's not a joke. Covid helped a little to slow the rise of steroid use down a little because many people simply couldn't get them! But that also meant many people came down suddenly from heavy usage, and some even died during that time from a disease which in most cases wouldn't have killed them 🙁

We're constantly surrounded by unrealistic visions of things from lifestyles on Facebook& tik tok right down to human physiques and ideas like... you can have washboard abs and big boobs 😅👀 is even perpetuated in super hero movies and children's cartoons and whilst they seem harmless I can tell you there are tons of women who have have transformed their bodies to their healthiest state ever only to find the complete opposite is the actual truth (most of them in Birmingham are my clients 😂 sorry ladies) but all jokes aside these images we see can really harm us mentally and so it's important to recognise what's real and what's simply not so we can chase success and not dreams as we move together on this fitness journey.

Remind others and yourself that your fitness journey is about you and the pursuit of good health and not just a look 🫶🏽

Strong over skinny
Go muscles over show muscles


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