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Why people who have a healthy balanced lifestyle feel misunderstood by most others…

It would be difficult to have a conversation with someone about what you see from the top of the mountain when they ain't stood there too.

The simple way to find alignment would be if they went and got the same view from the top as you but unfortunately... they (like you have begun) are required to climb to get that view...

The climb is what they're affraid of or mentally to weak to consider the merits off.

You've probably heard people say things like...

'So are you not allowed to eat anything now?'

'So does your trainer have you on a gut cleanse?'

'So you workout every day for like hours😳'

It's remarkable to hear what some people think is required to get a bit of balance in their life by working out for 30 minutes a few times per week 😂

(Of course it's not helped by people who misunderstand and go crazy with fasting or living off salad when they start a new health kick or take steroids for example but nevertheless...)

In the UK if you walked into a room of 100 people tonight and said...

'I worked out 3/+ times this week'

You would be in a minority

If you said...

'I have a personal trainer who holds me accountable to the ideas and desires I have around my fitness levels and my lifestyle in general'

You would be in a minority

Yet if you said

'I havnt worked out for months'

You would be in a majority

If you said

'I went out and got pissed and ate way to much this week, with a friend who made sure I kept up with how many drinks she had'

You would more likely be again in a majority and would certainly find more people who see you as 'relatable'.

It's a sad reality but in the UK it's become the 'normal' to actual make ourselves unhealthy. Living lifestyles which sees us, scroll endlessly through social media, eat out and drink out far much more than we workout.

It's not your job really to teach anyone this but if you have loved ones and close friends who you can have honest conversations with, it's always healthy to encourage them to do some exercise, set a health goal or come along to a workout with you.

Remember they havnt yet seen the top of the mountain and the climb might seem daunting to them so it might take a little more from you to help them see 💡


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