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Why I hate ‘fitness watches’ whilst training.

Well firstly… how ugly 😂

It’s 2022 and we still don’t have an actually undeniably attractive smart watch yet 🤯 still walking around like we’re in star trek with a black square on our wrist 😂

Secondly I don’t get the psychology behind how Apple makes women in particular go with it.

Like if I gave a group of women a choice of 5 ways they could have their nails done, or 5 colours / styles of watch they could wear… from the women I know… they would all say that’s not enough choice, doesn’t go with their style, outfit, hair 🙄and most would probably say they didn’t like a single one of the limited number of styles🤯 then Apple creates… 1 🤯1 single design of Apple watch and… well the rest is history 😂😂

Now is it the functionality?

I think so… a bit and here’s where I have a problem when it comes to fitness if the answer to the above question is yes for you…

So… let’s say the functionality is the reason… functionality is relative to purpose…

Have you ever done washing up with a watch on?

What’s the first thing you do before dipping your hands in a sink? Why? Because it just doesn’t help.

If you’re using your wrists and arms to do a workout… would wearing something that’s not flexible on our supportive to your wrist help? Probs not😂

So if we like them because well… it tells us if we’ve got a text or email… well… why on earth would we want to know that during a workout 🤯😂

Are we so addicted to technology without realising it that actually we have forgotten how to not be distracted 😳 do we actually now feel safer and more secure with electrical items attached to our bodies?

When we do intense exercise (not the stuff you see influencers doing on instagram😂 possibly me sometimes too lol) we need our bodies to be as supportive of the goal we are trying to achieve. a press up needs arms in the right place, sometimes knees on the ground, a squat requires stable footing and balance and a brain requires focus. All muscles which require something to get the best out of them.

So in conclusion, whilst Apple watches and smart watches are a great invention with many benefits, if your bit, Apple or whatever watch isn’t accurate when recording information about how ‘fit’ you are, if a heart rate monitor close to your heart is the most accurate way to record your ACTIVE heart rate, if you use your forearms and wrists for a workout and your brain needs to focus specifically on the task or session you’re in at that time… Why are you wearing a wrist watch for a workout (rhetorical question)

Give it a try this week, experiment with yourself and take off the distraction let’s see how you feel!

ps. ignore this if you’re just getting started in fitness they’re holistically relevant for you at that stage if it helps you think about exercise and achieving a daily goal! 💚 your time will come when you don’t need them for that anymore and you focus on individual performances in sessions.


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