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Who told you bad bwoy can’t dance 💃🏻🕺🏻

Years and years ago we had a class called Moove, it was a dance based class a little less technical than step, it worked for a brief moment when a bunch of mums came together, there were two instructors me and a girl who has danced in some of the biggest performances in the UK even on the same stage as Mary J Blidge (she shares my surname).

The class was £5.50... I was losing money, so in an attempt to lose less money 😂 I put it up by £1 😳... it split the number in half 🙃🤣 fast forward 2023 and we have a sold out dance based workout imagine that 😅 and for the first time ever it sounded like people were enjoying themselves 😂 what's the difference... from all those years ago?

You guys! People who value and appreciate it. You can't teach people value it's an intrinsic thing. Everyone's value system will be based on their upbringing, how influential their parents thinking is on them, as well as many external factors, like how they feel in that moment!

Pre covid, no one saw energy prices becoming what they are and no one saw themselves paying the £6.50 they begrudged paying to go to a place that was hired for them to workout in... to do a workout in their own home😂but it happened 😱and very quickly!

Covid took a lot and taught us a lot and if there's one lesson that's been there for those that get it, the medicine that movement provides is the secret that people are missing in their lives... sadly a hell of a lot of people, too many!

If you have the chance to encourage someone you love, or care about to exercise today, to come and join us because of what you value about it...that is one of the greatest easy deeds you could do for someone today that hasn't discovered it, perhaps isn't in a good place right now, or someone who could really benefit from the rewards of exercise. Remeber they are going to be resistant to it if they're not already doing it but a little like a child who won't take their medicine a little bit of gentle consideration and 'here comes the aeroplane' 😅✈️will help your message deliver 🥰


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