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Where can I get more protein…

You're not going to fix the plumbing in your bathroom by going to the mac make up store in selfirdges.

You won't fix a problem in your relationship by going to the office at work.

You're not going to get the dream body you want by downloading tik tok.

Following a trend generally always leads you to look back and think... Wtf was I doing?

I'm sure you can list a number of times you've done something in the past which you look back on and think... 'maaan that was dumb' 😅

Similarly following some 20 year old for fitness inspiration who's posting pictures of herself at 17 and then 20 and calling it a transformation when you're 40 something having had two children probably isn't the smartest idea...

And one you'll look back on (unless you listened to the proper fit podcast of course)

Is a time when some people thought they were getting 'protein' from the same section they get their haribo 🫠.

I nderstand the difference between 'genuine' and 'marketing' and you'll steer clear of the traps set by big businesses to get you to spend money based on your lack of thought and consideration in search of fitness and health.

If is next to the haribo it's probably not the height of wellness nutrition 😂


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