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we've all done a bit of coke

'Coke a Cola' I mean, I'm not sure what you were thinking 😂

You'd be in a minority of about 0.000001 % of the world if you said you'd never had a can, or bottle of coke a cola but if you're anything like me the thought of Diet Coke is just a total no 🤮 give me the full fat proper stuff or nothing at all thanks.

It's no secret that reducing sugar where possible in your diet is a great way to contribute to other good healthy lifestyle changes you've already made - I say that deliberately because in recent years it seems that a lot of people forget to exercise or do the other healthy bits but religiously order a DIET coke when on a night out to somehow be 'healthier' 😋 ( i'm sceptical I think its because they prefer the taste actually 😅). If the cap fits I want to know why please tell me! 😅

I not going to knock it though because guess what... that conscious effort to do something that helps you control and balance is exactly the mentality that people who find it an absolute must to do some exercise regularly, have going on in their mind when they first start getting fit again.

It seems though 'WHO' the worlds health organisation is about to try and pee on your bonfire 😫. You will have seen in the news and all over social media the reports and headline... DIET COKE CAUSES CANCER!

Firstly...This isn't entirely true. 'ASPARTAME' is the issue. 'Aspartame is an artificial sweetener commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and drink'. It is a carcinogenic for human beings and so falls into a category essentially of things which are unhealthy in quantity for humans to consume. There's a debate that all food we eat is poisonous to our bodies in some way which is why we don't live forever??? (I haven't done the deep thinking on that one just yet) 😂. But the reason you should and shouldn't be worried about Diet Coke is because there are a bunch of substances also found in the same category as Aspartame which are also found in foods most people eat every day, wine, tea and even used in the making of the mobile device 80% of you are reading this from.

The sad reality is that there are a number of chemicals in our lifestyles that could be significant in whether cancer develops in our bodies. Focusing on just one (sounds like Diet Coke has a jealous ex who wants to throw some dirt on the name 😂). Don't go to the cupboard and throw away the 5 crates of Diet Coke you just purchased 😂 just don't drink them all at once or even once a day if you can avoid it, everything done in moderation will always be better for you with the exception of a few things like brushing your teeth and having a bath and working out - go heavy on those things 😂.


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