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Transformation is on the other side of understanding of self ✨

Not everyone's reason for working out is the same, but more often than not people have the same goal...

To lose weight.

It's taken me a while but I've spent a long time educating and changing the understanding of a generation of women who have been indoctrinated into thinking that being underweight is the ultimate health goal. The term 'strong not skinny' might sound simple but there are so many layers ultimately to what it means and discovering those is the actual transformation.

As we work towards the next Photoshoot it's important to remember why I do this, why I want to plunge people into having this experience and demonstrating serious focus and discipline with an end goal in mind.

Get ready to get in tune with your deepest thoughts and understanding of yourself.

Genuinely discover what actually is most important to you (not just what you think you want right now) and this will help you put your workout schedule together with a combination of my sessions that suit getting you to that goal ✨


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