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Tough 💊 to swallow…

Have I got it wrong… can I admit it?

As much for myself as it is for you, so let’s start with…‘We’

Do ‘we’ actually have some perspective a bit, you know… upside down? A bit backwards? And are we being manipulated to keep thinking that way?

We’ll watch an entire Netflix series because a friend says… ‘it’s really good, you should watch it’. Or because a group of people were talking about it and we felt a little left out, or simply because AI technology (not even a person) ‘recommends’ you a list of things to watch 😳

Yet …

If that same person or some technology said… ‘you should do this workout it’s really good’… is the response the same?

We’ll take out a subscription for an additional tv package that we don’t have just so we can watch that series that a friend recommended to us but if that same friend said…

‘You should subscribe to this gym’… is the response the same?

We go out to clubs, bars and offer cigarettes to strangers on a smoking terrace, offer to buy drinks for people we may have just met through association, yet if we were asked to invest in their legitimate business or give someone the equivalent value in actual cash we would feel odd or uncomfortable.

We’ll enter a competition to win a prize, play the lottery, or share something in the hope of winning something we’ve not earned.


Wouldn’t consider saving the same amount of money played on the lottery to generate savings/ invest, or enter into an exercise schedule where the result is a longer healthier life and the prize of a better body and state of mind than they currently hold.

Have ‘we’ actually got it wrong?

I read something this week which said…  ‘Consumerism…  is bed with creating an idea of unhappiness with ourselves’

This is going to be a tough one to swallow but…

The more unhappy we are with ourselves the more money we will spend on things not good for ourselves 🤯

If we’re constantly unhappy with ourselves it makes us buy stuff… ‘my skin is so pale… buys tanning, pays for tanning injections, sunbeds etc.

‘I don’t think I look good in that dress I bought’… *buys another.

‘I’d like my teeth whiter’… *buys teeth whitening product…

‘I hate the hair on my, i don’t like the way this,…’

The list goes on you get it…

You probably started working out with me because…

‘I’m not happy with how much weight I’ve put on since…’

The positive difference with your investment into exercise  is that the result actually has you building a confidence and happiness internally, within yourself which makes you less concerned about the external things which you require products and money to pay to temporarily fix or sustain.

If we feel ‘ok’ about ourselves consumerism has less of an impact.

Someone who feels they have enough money doesn’t spend it playing the lottery. Someone with a tan or happy not having one doesn’t purchase tanning products. It all comes down to what we think we ‘haven’t got’.

So actually, maybe we’ve got it wrong, maybe our thinking and behaviour is a bit backward and upside down, maybe the next positive conversation we have with someone is about how much they’ve developed and improved themselves through exercise rather than how drunk or much of a state they got into.

And the biggest take away…

Exercise will actually save us money! That will take some digesting 😂 but wow it’s actually true on multiple levels💭don’t believe me? Try this…

Ask a friend that didn’t workout during covid how much £MONEY they spent on takeaways and wine through that period… I’ll wait 👀


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