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Todays challenge: Unfollow every influencer you’re following on social media because of their body✅

Following someone because of their body shape is a dangerous game to play, often we are not prepared to do the same things they do to achieve their physique and more often it is unsafe to do what they do. The reality is that achieving an outstanding physique is very very difficult. It takes years of training with an expert, years of consistency to maintain and as many of you have seen within my

club a complete program where there is access to a supportive lifestyle that runs along side your every day life in order to achieve your goals.

Believe it or not if you have gone through a transformation you're in a 20% group you're a minority!

This might suprise you... people who make a living solely from you following them, reposting them or liking their posts are doing a job, it's their job to influence us and in the fitness industry despite this false suggestion that it's 'all about health', it's easier to influence people if you look a certain way.

To look that way is tough, so men and WOMEN use steroids to get the look, then they post 2 minute workout videos suggesting that if you do this you too can look like them 🫠... and oh if you 'buy my supplements' or 'use my discount code' on these supplements you too will look like this.

They're doing a job it's how they get paid. So do me a favour today, if you ever followed a 'celebrity' or influencer because of their body or for 'inspiration'... for your own good unfollow them today!


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