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The problem with the internet…

Whether you realise it or not, it's a popularity contest and that's a problem... those that win do the most to endear themselves to you in order to take money from you, if you're a closed mindset person then you typically are made to feel better by being told what you want to hear.

If you're of a growth mindset you will be more intrigued by alternative opinions or the logical truth behind the things you hear - even if the concept is completely new to you!

Take a clothing brand like I# ### ##### posting a series of meme's with phrases their target audience might typically use, will have their followers thinking... omg this brand undestands me... I wonder what new collections they've got out...cart full...bang order placed. We're literally that simple.

With clothing - this approach is pretty harmless, if you can get someone to buy a T-shirt then great stuff but where it is an issue is in health and wellness spaces where deliberately bad advice is used in sound bites for clickbait because the general public isn't that smart and is more likely to buy services from people who tell them what they want to to hear ... such as...

eAt aS MuCh JuNk fOod aS yOu wANt💩

yOu OnLy nEed a Pt fOr 6 mOnThs 💩

eAtInG aN eGg iS aS bAd as sMoKIng (so go vegan instead) 💩

You don't have to look very deeply to find examples of where you're both being sold to and given bad advice to at the same time.

But being able to spot the 💩 from the best practice and advice is what will set you apart from those who choose to operate just as they always have and coincidentally seem to get the same result over and over again 🤔

Spot the snake oil!


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