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The party debate as we tuck into sausage rolls and breadsticks…

Here's a debate... ok more like a conversation than a debate I often hear at parties...

Carbs are bad for you!

So whilst technically it's not true, context is important. You might remember (if you listened to it and you still can) in the Proper Fit Podcast we talked about removing the word DIETING from the debate when training and especially weighloss and replace it with the phrase 'eating in line with your goal'.

Lots of things are true at the same time. You just have to select the truth which is inline with what you want to feel, be capeable of and look like...

Carbs are just a food group they're not evil.

Carbs are an important source of energy especially when weight training.

Too many carbohydrates (more than any other food group in your diet, consistently) will not support you in building lean muscles.

Calories are not all made equally...

If you eat 3000 calories each day of cake 🍰 and someone eats 3000 calories a day of 🦃 those two bodies, although consuming an identical amount of calories would not look the same... even if they were twins!

Eat in line with your goal!

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