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The moment the transformations you’ve seen become inevitable for people who train with me 🫱🏽‍🫲

When someone begins a 'fitness journey' they typically have an end goal in mind. When you get to the place where you learn what you actually want ... you realise that the end goal mentality is nothing to do with what you achieve in fitness, it's the place you're able to consistently maintain in your lifestyle... that's the only final destination yet it's the key to a sustained, physical transformation.

There was a time I began training people and studying the world of personal training where I was sucked into a belief that it was about selling 10 pt sessions for £450 - 500 and then getting the next client in.

It wasn't until I worked with my first set of clients that I realised that everything I had done in my life in fitness up to that date was exactly what everyone else needed... it was so obvious, how did I let the fitness industry hoodwink me into forgetting that 😳 it was obvious that I needed to create a space for people to create, sustain and enjoy a lifestyle 💡

I met people who despite my athlete background thought they knew exactly what they needed and how to achieve it. Whilst coming to me for advice because... well, subconsciously something told them everyone needs a coach 😂

A weird paradox.

Muhamed Ali (one of the greatest boxers of all time)

Christiano Ronaldo (one of the greatest footballing athletes of all time)

Michael Jordan (possibly the greatest basketball to ever live)...

All highly motivated, freak of nature, athletes and they have one thing in common... all had a coach! Everyone since the beggining of time and forever will always perform under the pressure of someone else's watch 👀 better than they will in secret...


The moment people realise and value this is the beggining of the journey, but the journey really picks up momentum when those people go on to truely connect with the idea that tiny, honest, consistent baby steps forward with a focus on the enjoyment of every single moment you are able to exercise is the key to a huge transformation of mind, body and soul 💎


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