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That disgruntled woman on the playground & the miserable old guy at work won’t want to hear this…

We don't get out of this alive. We're not going to live forever 😱

I'm currently waiting to get an X-ray 🩻

May have broken an ankle for the 3rd time, who knows, let's see🙄

Most people are quite shocked when they see you seemingly carrying on with life whilst in significant pain or discomfort, and understandably so... providing you think that you're going to live for longer than you have the current problem...

It's very normal for people who are given a time frame for when their life will come to an end, to live a happier and more purposeful life than when they had no diagnosis or indication of when their life may come towards an end.

I'm not certain I'm going to live past this current pain I'm in😩😂 jokes

But no seriously I don't know if I will see tomorrow and the truth is none of us do, so although in a little pain or a position I'd rather not be in right now, I'm not going to stop completely...

(and before you say it...

I'm not going to stop playing football either, I'd rather die injured, happy I played, being part of a team, experiencing winning and losing and getting sworn at 😂 than living life a life injury free regretting I didn't play or have the experiences.)

I also want my eldest son to have the access to some of the experiences football has given me so it's important to lead by example where he's concerned so he can witness me do it.

The weight you've been needing to shift, the class you used to enjoy, the results you need to get back are not on the otherside of 0 effort or action.

Most people operate as though they know they're going to be alive long enough to fo the things they're shelving right now.

Don't become someone who gets to a place they feel so unhappy and then subsequently unable to do the things they need to make them the best version of themselves... (you'll spot these people, they're the ones, usually unhappy with most things they come across, usually gossiping about people doing lots of the good stuff they wished they had the discipline to be doing 😩) .

Don't be that person sucking the life out of everything. Be the person that, smiles for no reason, does that workout because it's good for them, eats conscientiously because they feel better when they do.

Be the person living every day to the fullest as if it's your last 💎💚

Have a positive start to your week and begin the way you mean to go on 🦾⚡️


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