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Tell the influences to shut the f#*$ up!

Fitness shouldn’t need ‘influencers’ as its benefits sell themselves It always takes me by surprise how difficult it is to sell exercise 😳 that keeps you alive and has literally 0 negative side effects! Whilst cigarettes are sold in the millions daily with a warning that basically says… ‘don’t buy me, I will kill you’ .

It‘s a shame to see that most people think that eating healthier or working out a bit each day or hiit is a ‘joe wicks’ events thing thing 😂 simply because he’s in the Facebook, internet or social digital spaces they visit every day. But the reality is that these influencers are there because you are and they exist because you give them a platform to by being in those spaces, digesting their #### and buying it! From time to time I have a real complex and a desperation to not be seen to be ’selling something’ and then I realise that millions of £’s are being made by people selling sh*t that’s actually bad for you! Let’s flip the script, start unfollowing ’influencers‘… but how do I know if they’re an influencer… if they post something 3+times per day, if they never appear to have to strong an opinion on something unless it’s trending at that time, if they sell something that you witness them never normally using, wearing themselves… like a gym collection they never wear when they work out… then they’re an influencer.

I used to shy away from sharing the things I believe have made me successful in fitness and health but now it’s time to flip the script! The experts need to be louder and people need to recognise the expert over the influencer. Turn your ears and eyes on… are you being influenced or educated into the choices you make? ignore the noise and follow the realness. The results you want are at the end of that real trail 💪🏽⚡️


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