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Sometimes the reality needs to be spelt out (it seems)…

I do often hear a multitude of excuses as to why someone can't work out, what they're waiting for before they start working out, why they don't like or can't do a certain workout.

But the reality is that most of what we do, make time for and are willing to be guided by someone in is purely down to what we actually want to do and how most people arrive there is by whatever means have most successfully drilled into our heads either by parents, other sources... or most recently social media.

Marketing is so manipulative and aggressive that most people now don't even realise how marketing is impacting their every thought.

Did you know you're more likely to buy a product from a social media account with more than 1000 followers... and the likelihood of you making a more expensive purchase jumps up once an account has more than 10,000 followers?

Did you know the average person is more likely to buy a product they know nothing about from an influencer having viewed how many followers they have (which is in direct correlation to the amount of time, they or their marketing team has invested on a platform) than they are to buy a product they actually need advertised by a local expert 🤯

If you look at the last 5 things someone posted on instagram you'll see what they care about most...

If you can view that information imagine how you can manipulate someone into buying a product... ever said something in a conversation and returned to your mobile phone hours later only to find a Facebook or instagram advert about that very thing😳 news flash your mobile is listening to you, learning from you, all to be able to market to you the things that align with how you think and the next level is influencing how you think in the first place to dictate what you buy.

I've seen 1000's of women carrying children heavier than 4 or even 8kg, walking around with them on their hip whilst climbing stairs, balancing and putting on a pair of shoes, whist shouting at another child to get their shoes on (controlling breathing 😂).

This isn't seen as odd, but go into the office today or the supermarket and tell someone you were lifting 2 4kg dumbbells last night and those same parents would say... oh no I can't do that, and I don't want to get bulky anyway.

The reality is the honest marketing around health and fitness isn't yet as manipulative as the marketing for competition giveaways, the hair and beauty industry and the new born baby industry but that doesn't mean we can't see and spread the news about the genuine benefits and synergy between women who carry very heavy children on a daily basis and lifting weights in a structured way with a trained professional. If you're privaliged enough to spend some time with a bunch of women today share some of the befits you've personally experienced exercising. If they're decent people they will love to hear about your journey, some may need a little warming up first but hearing about someone's passion should always connect better than a mobile phone marketing to you 💚

If you ever carried a child... you can do team training! ✅


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