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Put your big girl pants on 🩲

The sad reality for most of us starting to get fit again is that most people won't actually be happy for you!

It's not about you, it's a reflection of them.

If you getting a bit more healthy, increasing your life expectancy and developing a stronger mental capacity to demonstrate discipline, consistency and patience, is offensive to someone - you may need to consider what that is actually about.

A quick way to recognise when someone is genuinely concerned that what you're doing is 'bad for you' is to asses the other things that they encourage you to and not to do, for example...

'Don't exercise so much it's not good for you'


'Have another drink 🍸'

'You're obsessed you're in a cult you don't need to do all that'


'Eat this, go on have some fun🍰'

If the same people telling you 'not to exercise' so much because it's bad for you are also jumping in between you and really bad foods, lack of sleep and alcohol then perhaps they are the holistic Dr. you need in your life and you should probably listen to them... but if that's not the case you probably want to turn your listening ears off when they start 🗣😂

Have a great weekend! Do what's good for you! 🦾

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