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STEP into Monday the right way 💃🏻🪩🕺🏻

So let’s begin the week with a positive news story and a little accountability kick up the ass for everyone!

Sharon is here holding exactly how much weight she has lost so far since becoming a Diamond💎 two months ago. Almost 15kg and counting!

But as much as I will give credit where it’s due I also want people to realise the reality, what it really takes, the time, the emotional investment from both you and I. Phone calls, messages, daily accounts, recording, pictures, videos, check ins and all of that outside of the actual exercise!

Losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight or even recovering from injury takes efforts most people are not willing to put in for very long. Sure someone can be motivated for a few months or even a year but to genuinely change your lifestyle and prioritise your health (sounds weird saying that as you’d think people would realise you live a poorer quality of life either now Or in the future without doing so 🫠) takes real discipline, emotional balance and brutal honesty if with no one but yourself as a minimum. Despite Sharon’s amazing weight loss so far… this last week in true ‘Benji fashion’ has been shit. First week she’s maintain weight since getting serious with me. Do I take it personally? Of course I do this is my life’s work, will Sharon take accountability? She will have to if she really wants to achieve our goals!

But I say that to give you the brutal truth that in anyone’s fitness journey there are ups and downs twists and turns but as with any journey…

No one ever wants to see the words


Think of the last time you were trying to get somewhere a distance away and saw this sign and arrived at your destination in maybe double the time it should have taken… annoying as F###, divorce is on the cards by the time you get there, car over heating, legs cramping, fuming and wanting to kill every road maintenance worker!

The key to avoiding diversions in any fitness journey is to stay DISCIPLINED and the result is that feeling when you arrived much quicker than the Sat nav said because you simply stayed focused, honestly sticking to the task and being brutally honest with yourself all the way through!

Stick with it the resulting years to come will be so worth it I promise you all!

Dont forget to post up your images and pov and tag us on instagram!

Come back to this post if it’s not taken place already and let me know which is or has been your favourite workout this week in the comments below! 💚

Next UP: Fight Night 🥊


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