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My sister passed her theory

My sister passed her theory test

Congrats and all that but realistically it means nothing unless she goes on to get an actual driving license but check this out… she’s behind on that front…

School boy error...she took a break.

It got me thinking

Whether you’re overweight, and unhealthy or

In good shape and healthier…

All require consistency and work on a cumulative basis.

No one got unhealthy and overweight by sometimes eating well and sometimes exercising.

Literally to be unhealthy and overweight you have to be consistent, your diet has to be consistently shit, you have to consistently tell yourself ‘I’ll do better tomorrow’ and never do it, and consistently never exercise that’s literally how you do it! Being consistent!

Anyone who has learned to drive… let me rephrase that for our mostly female audience… any of you who have a license 😳😉😜 will know that taking a break in driving lessons puts you on the back foot and further away from passing.

Likewise the stop start approach to exercise is exactly the same.

I’d say if you’re a stop starter just forget it and wait until you’re ready to be consistent and save yourself the heartache!

You don’t have to workout 7x a week at high intensity but if you’re going to do even just one workout a month… stick to doing that, be consistent with it and better results, confidence about exercise, feelings about yourself and an ultimately healthier lifestyle will come.

3x a week, 6x a week, once a month whatever it is build up some cumulative results 💎🦾


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