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Mental Wealth Mindset 🧠💲💪🏽

We forget opposing forces create balance! 🧲

Depending on how sensitive you are this may hit really hard but here is some tough truth…

If you are someone lacking energy it’s because you’re not doing things which energise you, if you don’t practice things that energise you, guess how you’re always going to feel 👀like allllllll the time!

Let‘s look at it simply…

Person A comes to Core Attack in person or virtually to workout…

Person B says… I will do the same soon I just need to get more energy and fitness first…

Person A didn’t think that way but somehow person A finds themselves not understanding person B because they just turn up and don‘t think… ‘can I turn up?’ and then as if by magic to person B… person A gets fitter, more confident, misses it when they don’t workout and all these random other exercise and health related things start to click 🤯

It sounds odd but when a car is rolling down a hill at an uncontrollable pace, you don’t accelerate to help it you apply an opposing force… your break!!!

When you’re tired you don’t do…

more tired 😂

When you’re lacking ‘motivation’ you don’t do more of the stuff people ‘lacking motivation’ typically do!

When you’re tired and go to sleep at 10pm and you could workout at 7:30 for half an hour you don’t save your energy for more sleepier sleepy sleeps to make you more sleepy…

You have to apply some opposing force to get you to a better place!

Switch to this mentality for a month, stick with it and apply opposing force… feel like going to sleep?

stay up a little longer.

Don’t feel like working out? workout.! Think you’re too tired… do it anyway so you can confirm you’re actually tired afterward!

The mentality shift is everything. No one ever got stronger by practicing being weak 💪🏽⚡️

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