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Just a little bit 💥 Family, Fitness & Work - Get the balance right

That room needs decorating, the car needs cleaning, that space needs tidying, or that garage that needs emptying... isn’t getting any closer to being done whilst I do nothing. 🤯


Don’t beat yourself up about it! Just start with a little bit. Doing nothing isn’t an option but doing a little bit is important. So stop doing lots of criticising yourself and start doing a little bit of what you’ve been putting off. That’s the key to success.

Well done Rachey💪 still working just as hard 2 years later and probably in the best shape of her life still with the thankless job of working for the nhs in such a difficult time. Just shows we can get the balance right if we are strong and put our minds to it.

Stay consistent 💥🥋💥

Episode 7 of #theproperfitpodcast

We talk about exactly this! Fitness, family and work - getting the balance right

It’s out right now if you’ve not already tuned in. Go get it 💚💥🥋💥


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