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It’s kind of ironic 💊…

It’s kind of ironic...

That someone (Who I think certainly has his place somewhere in the fitness industry, I quite like him) is currently going viral on the internet talking about foods to eat and foods not to eat when he's literally a body builder who has a little bit of fame from pumping steroids into his body and essentially destroying his body for most of his life 😂🫠 like who is really holding these people up as the people we listen to most?

I'm the biggest believer in reform, people being able to change their lives and become something they had never been before... However I don't think the Kray twins (career criminals) should apply for the role of police commissioner and I certainly wouldn't be helping them to go viral to get the job if they did 😂. I might be about to destroy your favourite personal trainer here but I also don't think the best people to 'LEAD' the fitness industry are women or men that were previously so out of control of their weight and never enjoyed or experienced any exercise for a significant period of their life. Just because you go to the gym and lose weight it doesn't then make you an expert in fitness. I think those stories have a place but more so on a testimonial page than industry leading magazine or delivering education to others post their epiphany.

If you're going to teach people about avoiding the dangers of being in a gang, then having previously been in a gang is probably a good qualification yes. But the fitness industry isn't neccesarily about having messed your body up before it's actually about discipline, consistency, dedication, resilience and sustained progress over time - that's what expertise you're looking for in your local fitness instructor or personal trainer.

I've helped someone up off the floor and patched up a graze but I'm no physio. I've patched up some of my own wounds after I've injured myself but I'm not now thinking hmmm I could be a surgeon 😂

I may be able to pass on my bit of knowledge of what happened when I fell over but I'm not an expert and if I keep falling over and having to patch myself up... you'd be of sound mind if you judged me to be potentially a bit sillly or concluded that perhaps there is an issue as to why it keeps happening but for some reason, because we are so desperate in the fitness industry to be captured by some moment of inspiration because discipline is hard, we instead end up looking at the person that fell over 1000x and say... that's the expert I want to help me stay on my feet instead of the person that fell just once or maybe never!

You could argue 'well actually I think they're a good example because they no what it's like to not be disciplined and not eat healthy, they're more relatable etc, and equally to say to that...

Do you want a pilot who's crashed a lot of planes to fly you on holiday because he knows what it's like to crash?

Experts are dying and we're living in the age of influencers 🫠 if you don't have an issue with this... I hope you never have to go to B&Q😂, need a surgeon, and any treatment you ever need can be learned from 15 second video on tik tok😂 but hopefully like me you're a bit concerned and want to see the rise of experts again, in every field. No more five minute successes, no more poor quality franchises using the cloud of one expert to uphold a bunch of non experts but to see genuine experts and people who have dedicated years off their life to their craft go 'viral' or be held up as such for that reason - our children's future depends on it!

Remember you were once someone who was desperate for a bit of inspiration and advice around your health and fitness and wanting to better yourself, I hope your journey to discovering me was a smooth one but if not I want to hear from you so I can help others in the future...

What people, health advice or myths have you previously followed which actually left you in a worse place than where you started?

What advice would you give to someone just beginning their journey towards a healthy lifestyle change?

And finally what are the absolute DON'Ts when starting your journey?

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Have a great Wednesday

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