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‘I don’t really need a personal trainer or anything like that I can do it by myself’

Absolute bullsh#t.

Today despite my camera skills…

I had photographer.

Despite making and editing all my own videos…

I had a videographer.

Despite my ability to do hair😜 (ask shanbeast) I had a stylist…

all to get the best out of me, the best out of the situation. Everyone needs someone to bring the best out of them, it’s a basic but unavoidable transaction when you want to achieve something difficult, outstanding or that you’ve struggled with so far. It can’t be done alone. It requires a partnership, it requires a team, it requires community. Book that class, book that team training session, book that personal training session and stop convincing yourself that you’re the expert in everything.

It’s worth the investment, you’re worth the investment and on the other side… how you will feel… priceless trust me 🦾💥

*some BTS footage from the #platinummembersshoot


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