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For f### sake 🙈

Not just ladies, applies to guys too! No one appreciates the role of their feet more than someone with a broken foot! Most people cut, paint, moisturise their nails/hands but how many give the same attention to their feet in the same way… the things you must have to stand! 🤯

(Put your sense of humour hat on ladies but…I had a rule for my mates on a night out… if she has open toe shoes on and she’s not painted her nails for a night out you can’t date her because those are the bits she’s willing to show…😳🤣😅the one who ignored us is still struggling to hold down a relationship past 40 so I was right 🤪lol) anyway…

footwear plays a huge part in how your bones develop. If you’ve done ballet, martial arts or just gone out clubbing a lot 👀in your formative and teenage years you’ll probably recognise the image on the left more than most!

It‘s so important to find the right footwear that allows you to conduct yourself at your peak in daily activities and workouts too!

Choose your footwear based on support, durability, comfort first over fashion. ✅


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