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Expecting your body to transform because you did a few sessions is offensive…

Imagine the years I personally have spent training... since the age of 5 😳 I'm now 35...

During that time there's been some elite athlete level competing and the training and coaching that comes with that. As well as a wealth of experience and knowledge gained. That's why I undestand looking back why so many people told me to start a fitness club to share that knowledge and experience with others.

That was exactly why the CoreAttack Fitness Club became a thing in the first place.

I read an article from a guy stating how offensive he finds it as a trainer when people expect to be able to do the same things he has trained years for as an athlete > after doing a few classes or personal training sessions.

He seemed pretty angry about it and I couldn't really engage with that bit😂 but... it did get me thinking it's right...

Nothing comes before it's time generally.

You can fast track things but it almost always comes with a consequence that's not always seen at the time.

Expecting to transform a body which has been built on years of a poor lifestyle, eating, drinking and exercise avoidance in a matter of weeks, having joined a fitness club or done a few pay and go classes is actually a bit deluded.

I often tell my clients if it took you 10 years to build this current body you should expect at least the same to reverse it!

No one wants to hear it but that's likely the reality.

Check in with anyone who's trained with me, most of whom are approaching 4/5 years they are certainly in the best shape of their lives and it's improved (bar injury or pregnancy) incrementally the more years they've put in. So imagine where they will be when they hit 10 years of that!! There's just no cheating or denying the results ⚡️🦾💫🥋

Honour the process with the respect it deserves.

As much as you've got a holiday booked, it takes years to build the body it's very easy to be envious of when you see it walk by you in a bikini on the all inclusive resort 😂

The great thing is though ... literally anyone and everyone can do it, it just takes a little moment of honesty, a word with yourself in solitude, a bit of action to get booked in and then enter into a process of a little consistent effort over time. 🥰


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