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👀Do it so they can see and create healthier patterns for the next generation…

It's always a difficult discussion especially when it comes to criticising parents but I'll say it...

If you're a bit 'f'd up' your parents probably have a little to do with it. (Don't run and tell them I said this though 😂)

Find me someone who's petrified of spiders and I'll show you someone who's mother is also petrified of spiders 🕷️😂 for example.

The expression the apple never falls to far from the tree is a tough one to take sometimes but if you look you'll find all the similarities and explanations you need.

I'm sure we can all think of things our parents could have done better.

Most of the time I'm told about trauma linked to food and dinner times growing up.

Food completely unhealthy for us being fed to us and being made to sit at the dinner table until these terrible foods were fully consumed... 25 years later and were desperately trying to change those eating habits and some of our parents even trying to with us also 😂

We've got to forgive them as they didn't know any better... I mean how ironic that years later we would have products made in an 'organic' way which you can purchase for a higher price than the sh#t that used to be exclusively sold to us without any alternative which we now know is terrible for us😵‍💫🤯

The difference for us now... we do know better. We know the benefits of exercise, we know that smoking isn't a fashion accessory which is good for your health, we know that food is made to sell and we're more likely to buy food which is high in things which are bad for us... we literally have so much information now that it would be criminal for us to allow our children to lead a similar path we did as children where exercise, health and good diet were not necessarily a priority.

The impact of lockdown although tough can't be underestimated... especially where CORE ATTACK AND KIDS are concerned!

The hours and days we spent working out from inside our own homes, often with our children and families in the background looking on (as they eat😂) but nevertheless the ability for children to get involved, discuss with you at dinner or simply join in your workouts and journey during that time will have set patterns in their mind that will benefit them throughout the rest of their life time.

Remember there is nothing more impactful to our children than us demonstrating the example we would desperately want them to follow.

Facta, non verba...

Actions speak louder than words 🦾


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