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Are you a bit SAD?

‘Tis the season to... not be so jolly’ If you tuned into our latest 'FIT CHECK', you'll have heard a bit more about it but... Seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D is a common form of depression sometimes called winter depression or winter blues, as the symptoms are often experienced or more apparent during the winter. Persistent low mood, loss of pleasure in experiences that usually bring pleasure, lacking energy, feeling sleepy during the day, feeling worthless and struggling to get out of bed in the morning are all commonly reported symptoms of S.A.D. Whilst the term winter blues is often thrown out in a not so serious manner, this is a very real thing that affects millions and should be taken most seriously when it is you that is the individual experiencing the above mentioned symptoms. Seeking medical support should always be the first consideration. Understanding why you may feel a little different during certain times of the year at the very least can empower you to seek support and perhaps look at changes you can make to help you feel a little better or more ‘like I do normally’. Sadly... without stating the obvious... Nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle are often the easiest ways to gain more control over symptoms outside of professional support. But quite simply... being a little more active, getting more fresh air than usual and demonstrating a tiny bit of extra discipline when it comes to indulging in the types of food and drink that we ultimately know are not so great for us in the long run, are the most effective ways you can take control when you feel the onset of these symptoms. As hard as those tasks may seem... being stuck in a cycle of S.A.D is far more unpleasant. So take control, take action


It's come around again. Mini Bootcamp Week! Box N Tone, BodyBlitz Bootcamp, HIIT Zone and More are on the way in a monster week of exciting special events. Get on your thing!


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