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⏯👀And the NEW🏆🥋🏆

I understand pain during workouts, I understand not wanting to workout sometimes, I understand fear, but I also understand the merits of doing something consistently for almost 30 years. Dedication, training 6 days a week, missing out on other things even as a child, but because of this I also experienced some of the most amazing times in life and fortunately I was one of the 3 people most often stood on a podium. 🙏🏾

Whilst you are not fighting anyone and hopefully won’t get your head kicked in if you don’t exercise, my little mission is to bring some of what brought me so much joy, growth and mental strength and pass it on! ATTACK is our toughest workout… because it requires mental strength like no other and it’s the biggest piece of me🥰🥋. That’s why I’ve chosen this session to recognise the hard work, determination, consistency and all round development of an individual each time we do this session.

This ATTACK’s CORE CHAMPION IS @Sally McGivern 🏆🥋🏆👏🏾

Attending every session she’s able to. Working harder than ever to concentrate especially over the last 3 months has not only shown itself in your body and results but also your mental strength and in this particular Attack, your ultimate concentration and mental determination to give your best with no distractions, a desire to listen, learn and replicate exactly what you could see, to put in your best performance for you 👏🏾

Congratulations 👏🏾


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