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An inspirational woman

I wasn’t going to post this but felt I ought to as I was so moved by it.

A few weeks back I received this email... there really isn’t much more I can say to further explain its contents.

Initially I was heart broken reading it, but by the end of the email I was overcome with a strange feeling of inspiration. An email that seemed like a daunting task or list of reasons someone would be expected to shy away from exercise, turned into something so motivating for me as a trainer and a person.

To know that someone reached out and despite all of the odds... still wanted to exercise... still wanted to make the most of the best bits of herself, including her mental health, is incredibly motivating. We don't have to be on top of our game every day, we can still make mistakes in life. We all have our struggles, or injuries, our battles with our mental health at times but a reminder to always remain grateful for what you have, however small it may seem we are blessed, you’ve just got to switch your perspective to see it. 💚🙏🏾


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