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Achievement alone is a medal to be worn but not what the human mind actually needs.

Think of anything significant you ever achieved in your life... Does no one know?

It's most likely that your most significant achievements in life at least one other person is aware of, witnessed, congratulated or supported you to achieve.

Everyone would feel better turning up to the club with their best friend, going for a run with a buddy, even if it's a dog that doesn't talk back to you.

Community and companionship are the most significant external thing in achievement. Someone needs to cheer for us, someone needs to recognise when we've done well and above all our best version has someone who gives us a kick up the bum, pat on the back or a reminder when we're not doing the things we know we should be.

Anyone can go for a run, go to a gym, eat well if they have the motivation to at the time,

But do something challenging with a team of people trying to better themselves and see how much easier it is to achieve an outstanding result 🔌🔋


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