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4 things you needed to do to make 2022 a good year for you… thing 3 did you?

THING 3) Plan Something exciting or different in advance!

With 'thing' 1 and 2 taken care of, your time will likely be better planned out!

Within that schedule you will have some things which are 'must do's', but you also need something which stretches you or takes you out of your comfort zone! Some people like for things to remain the same all of the time, but the truth is everything changes and those who practice being adaptable will always be the least anxious and most successful at everything they have to, or want to do!

Plan a walk (or different route if you do this already), a trip away, a workout, a date night. Anything that gives you some feelings and emotions to experience which are different to those you feel in your day to day. Try and plan to do something every 30 days. A little anticipation, a few nerves, a little consideration of the unknown followed by an activity and exercise in living in a moment (without your mobile phone) does both the brain and body a lot of good and most often gives us the little spark we're missing in the monotony of day to day life! Did you plan and execute? Get planning now!


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