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4 things you must do to make 2022 a good year for you...(thing 2)

In the lead up to 2022 we're going to drop a few 'MUST DO's' to ensure 2022 is as good as it gets for you!

Stay tuned and follow along for each game changing bit of advice 🤓

THING 2) Update Your Technology...

Following on from step 1... Whilst it's not an absolute must that technology becomes a big part of your life... It is an absolute must that the technology that you do have is 'up to date'! When we transition from 'technophobe' to this new world of having a phone, tablet or iPad and maybe even some headphones that sync with them, we can be forgiven for thinking that we've arrived in space 😂 but the reality is that just like us - technology ages too! It might surprise you to learn that most of the technology that you currently own (that requires updates)... TV, Mobile etc has a limited period of time that updates will be created for it 😳 so lets say you purchased an iPhone 6 years ago... updates are no longer made for it! Why are updates important? Well, for a number of reasons but the top 2 would be 1) Security! The many ways to hack, steal data or impersonate develop constantly, and so tech companies have to find ways to out run those who make it their purpose to hack and profit from these illegal digital practices. 2) Access. Imagine the first time things were filmed in colour (some of you will be too young to imagine this😂) but if you had a TV which didn't show colour you wouldn't even know and most certainly wouldn't be able to view the actual product. So when it comes to apps, and even the most basic functions of a mobile like messaging, if your technology is out of '(up)date' you often won't be seeing the same things as everyone else thus making your tech redundant. - (You can copy and paste this paragraph to use this to explain why you need all new technology as a gift from your partner 😂)

THING 1) Get the right calendar!

Might sound simple but the right calendar physical or digital will literally change the way you approach life. If you have always been a pen and paper person and have struggled to move with the times and technology, then stick with an old school physical diary - you'll enjoy it and use it much more productively! If you're a little more up moving with new tech, there are so many digital calendars that buzz, sing and dance to remind you where you should be right now or in week and what time you might need to leave the house to arrive there on time. Getting this set up in the right way can clear space in the mind for you to focus on other things. Thinking about absolutely everything all of the time isn't productive and causes stress, so get a system set up that works for you and make your schedule one less thing you're constantly thinking about. (Little tip: all Core Attack workouts sync with Google Calendar so that is one we can recommend)

Check back for THING 3)


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