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The global wellness industry is worth more than

$4 Trillion as of 2022.

There couldn't be a more exciting time to be at the heart of it.

Any fitness business begins with a collection of thoughts and ideas around community, helping and inspiring.

The challenge is then turning that into a viable and sustainable business model, that will stand the test of time in one of the worlds most valuable but competitive industries.

Getting the right help and support is the first step. but accessing the right expertise and genuine experience is what makes the difference. 



Raise the standard, Set the trends, Keep innovating. 

We're ready to tackle any challenge and put you on the path to success. We've supported a number of personal trainers and fitness club owners as well as other small business start ups. implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes,  and supporting them in delivering services that transform the way they do business.

The Mission is not to change your vision,

it's to help bring yours to life! 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Wix Fit + Branded app expert

The creative, fitness expert mind behind the creation and development of the (c) products

'Fit by Wix' (c) (App and Web tools) and 'branded app' is our very own Benji.

From blue sky thinking, to concept, to development, to test flight and alpha program Benji assisted the team through it all.

Developing tools, solutions, problem solving and thought leading as a consultant. This experience and insight gives us a unique head start on the development and future of online

 and hybrid fitness businesses.

Book a consultation with Benji if this is a specific direction you would like to take with your business.

Already a customer get a discounted rate for all Services.

contact us via our space 

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