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The power of organisation, forward planning and letting the rest go! 👀📖

Imagine (stay with me here) that from January 2021 each month you used your payday to buy one big Christmas gift.

(Most of our families don’t exceed 12 individuals that we buy that ‘BIG’ Christmas gift for)

by December that’s 11 gifts you would have sorted and paid for leaving those little bits, cards and date restricted things to get. Suddenly the Christmas ‘rush’ is less of a thing, you have more time to actually enjoy the period without that added stress, and financially you don’t feel yourself under the pressure that we inevitably find ourselves in every Christmas year on year!

The same can be said for health and fitness ⚡️You ever had a cold and could trace it back to a day you really didn’t wrap up warm when you should have and regret it later, or ever had a wedding to go to and tried to do a load of exercise to get in to an outfit you liked, or even decided to get started working out because you booked a holiday in 6 weeks? The truth as we will have experienced is that it doesn’t work and where it appears to work it will take extreme measures and changes that are neither healthy or sustainable.

The Christmas example is a little gem for those with extreme ocd or organisation skills 😂💚 but the point is…

The real result lies in making a better choice to apply EFFORT OVER TIME. Literally, that is the secret that works every time.

The rush will always be stressful so if you’re someone that doesn't enjoy or function well under that type of stress - relieve yourself of it by putting in a different EFFORT OVER TIME. Let’s get it 💪🏽


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