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😂 the next time someone comments on your ‘obsession’ with exercise…

It’s no secret. Exercise isn’t hard but getting a repeat prescription for it is! It’s the ‘keep coming back’ bit that’s difficult and that’s what everyone struggles with…until… you discover the right fitness coach that mobilises you. It’s no secret that my success with my team comes solely through discipline. Most of them will tell you it’s not because I’m nice to them 😂 because that’s just not true most of the time 😂 but it’s certainly because I both execute and teach them how to be disciplined and above all my presence in their life is what gets them their if they engage.

Some people have not discovered this and so when you begin your fitness journey you might get some comments from people less disciplined than you like… ‘you’re obsessed’, ‘you’re in a cult’😂(probably my favourite one). ‘You we’re fine the way you were why do you want to exercise’.

But just like social media limits the comments it wants you to see, you need to develop that filter in real life for yourself.

Unless you yourself believe or can prove that exercise is a bad thing, creates bad people, negative results, is harmful to others.

Then you probably need to consider what the f@#% anyone who makes such comments has going on in their own mind😉… then bring them to start exercising to help them out with those thoughts 😊😅


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