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The fitness industry…The kind of marketing I see that you dont…

It may not occur, but one of the reasons we have no INTESITY challenge this next month is because between April and October typically fitness business' like mine lose lots of money.

The fitness industry typically has between February and April to make money, everyone thinks January makes millions for the fitness industry but the reality is that for the average person that doesn't plan, January is normally a month which they spend try to recover spending after an adjusted pay date in december. Everyone has the intention to workout in January but most people have no money to follow through. Some that do are literally throwing themselves in because it's January (January d*******) and often don't workout beyond the end of feb. The industry picks up a little in October and then by the end of October there's a mixture of people wanting to save a bit of extra money for their hair for Christmas Day and those wanting to look their best for a works Christmas party so there's many incomings and outgoings when it comes to customers.

Because the industry literally has 4 good months a year many smart people (as smart or less so than me but with a lot more audacity 😂) have realised... this industry is a bit 💩 if you want to have a life with freedom, a social life and earn a decent wage... but... everhone likes to think they're an expert in exercise... so in their 1000's failed pts and good salesmen and women are leaving to become 'coaches for coaches' and to be honest it's a no brainer.

Think of how many hours over the years I've spent convincing one person at a time that they will cope with a core cycle class only to hear them say, yes I'll defo start next week 😒 vs the response I'd get if I was able to say something like this... 'you can earn £10,000 per month just click the link and I'll guide you through my step by step expert pt masterclass.

Not everyone thinks exercise is for them but I can tell you the pool of people that think 10k per month is for them is a lot bigger, even if they have no talent or expertise to command that!

Fortunately for you I'm not and never have been interested in being a salesman... and actually have a bit of talent 😉😅 so I actually like doing things instead of telling the people who want to do things how they can make money from doing things 🤯🫨😂(you may have to read that a few times).

Keep coming, keep recommending and dragging friends along, keep sharing and I'll keep on delivering... otherwise I'm going to have to convince you all you should all be pts and open a studio and charge you to learn from me how to do it😂 and the opening line to my advert would be this...

'Do you think there's more to life than what you're currently doing?

Are you underappreciated at work?

What if I told you I can help you earn £10,000 each month without ever leaving your house? '

Click the link in my bio 🔺



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