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The dark reality of the Photoshoot 📸

So, here’s the realities of my life. Yesterday I was proud to be a part of a fitness photoshoot with a group of amazing women but today I’m paying for it. Dialysis toxins building up, with fatigue, in pain, feeling breathless and dizzy. But, do you know what, I’ll take that. Everyone experiences highs and lows. I’m learning to savour the good times and ride out when I’m struggling hard. My very nature is to push myself to the extreme and then crash. Sometimes I’m glad I do as it’s given me experiences that I wouldn’t have even considered pre cancer me. Thank you @benjibeasts for taking a chance on me and to everyone at @coreattack for supporting me ❤️ #bowelcancer #stage4cancer #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaftercancer #dialysis #kidneyfailure

Post by @gem_savory


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