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The conversation is different when excellence is the objective ⏯👀

We’ve gone soft. Whenever you want to achieve excellence, when you truly want something which may be difficult to achieve…

The way you talk to yourself, the people you keep around, the coach you get, your perspective on ‘too hard vs challenging’, your perspective on ‘feelings’ all change.

They have to!

We live in a world where we place a huge emphasis on ‘how we feel’ rather than what we need or has to be at times. Putin, I’m sure has a lot of emotion about war…

Nothing is actually achieved by feelings only action! How you choose to feel about taking those actions is a mental battle only you can have. The strongest win these battles more often than they don’t. Practice winning the mental battles, next time you think something is too tough or you can’t be ‘arsed’ beat your own mind and reframe your thinking. Anything you’ve ever achieved in life came because you took the emotion out of it and took action 🦾


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