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⏮️ rewind ⏱️ 💙🕊️

An image came up from this time 4 years ago.

In this picture DJ as I used to call her.

Interestingly reflecting on her, she's taught me something about myself... I'm an energy reflector.

I'll explain more later in the week...

She trained with us and began her real transformation after years of different gyms and trainers. Work soon took over and she found it more difficult to get to workouts and train consistently eventually before falling in love and the inevitable imbalance that most young people (under 30 😉 over that you're not young anymore sorry), experience when meeting an exciting new partner and trying to maintain a fitness/ health balanced lifestyle especially when the way we tend to develop relationships in the UK normally revolves around dates drinking and eating (if you're not an messy eater anyway🤤) .

Always smiling and making sarcastic jokes and with a huge passion for fast cars DJ was a really cool girl to be around.

Sadly DJ lost her battle with a brain tumour, she had only just begun her 30's. RIP🕊️DJ

If she was here now I'm certain post covid she would be at the club bringing her personality and energy to the room. A reminder that no matter how much of a future we think we have ahead of ourselves, how much time we think we have to waste, life is what we make of it in every living moment which we have.

Don't leave anything to chance, love now as you should, communicate now as you should, be the energy you want to receive. Give yourself the greatest fighting chance of the greatest version of life you can live every single moment of each day, it's an effort but it's the only way. 💎


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