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Our week so far

Shout out to all who have got up off that sofa and turned on an iPad or even visited the studio to get a sweat on so far this week! There‘s still time Core Cycle & Core Step still to come 🦾

Well done to all who checked in for our first Fit Check ✅ get your questions submitted for the next. Whether you workout or just can’t bring yourself to just yet this is a chance to engage and not move a muscle!

If you’ve ever struggled with anything fitness related, workouts, food or anything else this is a 15 minute session worth listening to or encouraging that friend who just can’t seem to get into the mindset of working out, the workout bit lasts about an hour or so for 3 or so days a week… so why’s it so difficult… it’s the mindset that unlocks your ability to get the most our of those 3 hours! Not everything you consume on the internet about fitness will be the best for or related to you but this will be! …Of course if you know it all you’ll be forgiven for not attending 😉 look out for the next coming in March

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