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Mindset May 💭Perception Help me out.

So a girl the same age as me with a child… unsubscribed when she received an email about ‘the menopause‘ of course she didn’t watch the video (that’s pretty obvious).

but do our perception and preconceived ideas actually block our growth, blessings, and development? around the same time I also received this

The expression ‘I told you so‘ is one everyone knows and most of us know it because there was a time where it was relevant to us! 😂

for example

I could say over and over again ‘do this, do that’ to correct someone in a session but the reality is the only people that will improve are those who ‘perceive‘ that what I’m saying is RELEVANT to them! The question is… in a room full of individuals… doing fitness… with a ‘fitness expert’… who is best placed to recognise the said relevance And how do you connect with that fact and how do we draw on the experience of others to better ourselves?

It comes down to being open minded enough to engage, explore and take whatever you can as relevant from any situation.

The irony of this particular situation is that this woman is the same age spoken about in the very video she didn’t watch… and inevitably although she doesn’t perceive it to be her time yet… the things spoken about will at some point affect her!

Even as a man it’s so relevant to me because the inevitability is that unless I become a millionaire and have Hugh Herd’s appeal, I’m certainly going to have partner who will experience this at some point in her life!

so the question is with an audience of predominantly women… did you find any relevance and how do we go about sharing and having conversations that allow people to learn things that are actually relevant to helpful for them and the life they currently or will inevitably live?

In every situation are our perceptions stronger than our intelligence, experience or humble curiosity?

i used to think I couldn’t eat cheese…

i love pizza now 😂


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