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Mindset May 💭

As odd as it may sound... a fitness coach not using a trend to sell products 🙄- it’s no secret I don’t follow trends so here’s the real truth…this stuff isn’t a fix for your mental health problems!

However it may form part of a strategy to keep you in a good space mentally. There’s a difference! We should always seek the best possible professional support where we do have deficits or severe problems, and should not look to the cheaper option to save money when it comes to truly achieving something that can save or enhance our lives and the lives that depend on us… You want to lose weight? Hire a pro, stop eating so much and lift some weights. Struggling with your mental health? Hire a pro and start therapy!

No amount of holidays, nights out, or Netflix with solve any mental health problems. Action that might feel uncomfortable to begin with is needed! Get used to being uncomfortable for a short period of time to get closer to a life time of comfort! We all need the right support at the right time, there’s no shame in that, the shame is in not recognising or doing something about it. Check in with yourself or the right professional this week! Let’s stay growing, let’s stay safe, let’s stay healthy mentally as well as physically 💚✅🦾🙌🏽


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