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Is psychology the most important thing in exercise 🤔

If Core Attack Fitness Club was this logo ⬆️ Would that change what people would be willing to pay for a workout?

Would it increase participation?

Would it make what happens online and in our workout spaces more desirable or fashionable?

If the answer to any of the questions above is even ‘possibly’. Then psychology perhaps plays an even bigger part in exercise than you may have thought before.

Have you ever noticed the difference in your performance when I count down from 10 but tell you to ‘give an extra 10%’. Odd isn’t it. Why is he saying to ‘give me more’ when we’re at the end and I’m dead… The reality is that it will be difficult however the difference I want at my club is athletic minds whether or not the body follows 😂 straight away of over time, because I recognise the power your mind can have.

I have no doubt that since being told to do it, your last 10 seconds of a set will now feel different.

When you first came to me or exercised elsewhere the last 10 seconds would have been where you started your water break but now discipline and psychology means that where possible your last 10 seconds is where you get the greatest mental and physical performance combined! That’s special! 🦾

Think about what other psychological ideas can help you perform better in your next workout, how you can view exercise to see it as more valuable, desirable and get the best out of you consistently 💚


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