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If you’re feeling low, if you’re not yet on track for 2023 remove your social media apps and do this

I'll go first

Now I'm not going to lie 😂 I ain't got time for this pretty shit, one of my graphic designers did it for me 😂 but we're going to call this a 'Benji focus board'.

Resolutions are cool but try and take off some pressure by writing down a collection of the thoughts, goals and other things you want to see achieved or happen in your life this 2023.

Send them to me I'd love to see them.

Keep it simple. Find an image of a thought, goal or target you have and this time next year we can revisit them and put ticks over the top.

This time of the year a lot of people feel down, a bit depressed maybe, but here's the thing... it's pretty obvious you've just come down from one of the most anxious, high pressured times of the year and then boom here comes the comedown... especially hard if you've been hitting the alcohol hard over the Christmas.

If you use social media or a smart phone in general it might blow your mind to learn that it listens to you and everything you see on your Facebook advertisements, instagram, even in the places you shop is following your mood and every bit of information you're feeding your phone without knowing it.

Here's one reason why it's dangerous...

If you're feeling down you're going to feed your phone that information, it's then going to kick back to you things, memes, images that fit that same narrative which is only going to further the way you feel.

Taking some time out and focusing on what you actually want to become, at your ultimate best, and holding your self accountable by creating something like this focus board helps you deal with and move past those moments you feel either too high or too low.

It won't follow your 'mood' when it's up and down, instead it will serve as a constant reminder of your goals and the person you want to be and said you wanted to be when you had a clear head and a positive focus 💫

Keep it in mind and create your focus board today!

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