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‘I only drink at the weekend’

Weekend Crew Let’s go 💪🏾

💥🥋💥 ‘I only have a drink at the weekend’

When we say this, we use it to illustrate the fact that the impact is minimal because we’re not doing it frequently or consistently and so by limiting the amount we do it we’re better off... So... flip that on its head then... if I replaced the words ‘Have a drink’


‘Only exercise’ ?????🤯 Think about it. If you only exercise at the weekend for example or two days a week or even 1, if you consider your fitness and health less than often then the effect of exercise is going to be the same as the perceived effect of only drinking once or twice a week... MINIMAL.

If you really want to improve your mental and physical health the times that you don’t consider or do anything fitness related things need to be like the odd drink you have... ‘not very often’

It’s a simple way to think.

Keep going 👏🏾 Well done to JRoc a year in and hard work and consistency ‘I’m actually fitter now, than I have been my entire life...when I thought I was fit, and I’m older’. His words not mine.

We can all get it? Just got to get the mindset right 💪🏾 #theproperfitpodcast #coreattackfitnessclub



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