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How to get Body Confident

True Body Confidence.

A couple of questions...

If you were really unhappy in your job would you look for another?


If I say ‘this post is controversial’ does that make it controversial?

If I say ‘my body is perfect’ does that make it perfect?

It’s all about perspective and action

A post being controversial is based on who’s reading/consuming/interpreting it.

But when it comes to your body and what you feel about it... who is the audience?


You have the power to define for yourself how happy you are or comfortable you are with your body! It’s all within your power.

That’s easier said than done Benji... I agree BUT...

The reason some are happier with their body than others is not simply about confidence...

For those engaged in something to keep themselves mentally and physically fit there is a thought process that is going on which is not present in those that are not at that time. FACT

The difference in thought process is normally that people like us who engage in something like fitness clssses normally believe that... ‘this benefits me’ in some way and those that don’t - don’t actually think the opposite they just prioritise other things, money, social life, family etc.

Where this becomes unhealthy is where those things don’t bring the mental stability and consistent comfort that is required in order for you to care less about some of those other things like the way your body looks.

This is when you begin to question how happy you are with what you have... including your body.

If we lack the determination and commitment it takes to build a healthier, better body we then enter a cycle of. Motivated - Can’t be arsed. Motivated - Can’t be arsed. Motivated can’t be arsed and this is the cycle that keeps us forever punishing ourselves in our mind because we never quite get to where we feel we should be.

The starting point is simple...

If you’re unhappy with something about your body, make a commitment to engaging in something that’s good for you mentally and physically EVEN if you don’t totally love doing it today. To remove the guilt that you don’t do anything to be better than where you are right now.

It’s simple. If you didn’t like your job you would take action, you’d move, look for another or leave.

If you don’t quite like your body... move and satisfy your mind that you’re at least moving... it won’t happen overnight but you will surely be on the road to the mental and physical improvements you’re actually looking for.


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